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Gabriel Donohue was born in Athenry, a walled medieval town  in County
Galway founded by Meyler De Bermingham in the 12th Century AD. Small
wonder his music is filled with a strong sense of history. Add to this
his love of storytelling through song which belongs to another time and

By age fourteen  he was a member of the Leitrim Ramblers Ceili Band.
Many summers were spent in the Connemara Gaeltacht where he played with 
such local legends as Tomas Mc Keown and Tony Molloy.  He then Joined a
showband called Magic which had numerous Top-Ten hits  in Ireland. Here
he got a taste of the entertainment side of music and appeared on Irish

America was calling  and a kind Uncle and Aunt in Darien, Connecticut,
made the young lad welcome. Thus began what was to be a great love
affair  with New York City. Here he sought out traditional music
legends like Andy McGann and Johnny Cronin and saw the sun come  up on
Second Avenue most Sunday mornings as the reels and jigs, as well as
the occasional song, flowed.   In New York he studied  fingerstyle
guitar, musical theater and voice and honed his skills as a music
producer, eventually openimg his own  studio called Cove Island
Productions. Construction was completed by accordionist/carpenter John
Whelan. He has embraced many  of the new developments in non-linear
digital recording and editing while also utilizing vintage tube gear.

He was  for a time a part of the ensemble of Riverdance star Michael
Flatley, with whom he shared an love of Flamenco which became  part of
the stage show. He spent many Summers in Cape May, New Jersey, and
performed regularly at the South Street Seaport  in NYC and started a
group called called Jigsaw with musical friends Eileen Ivers and Joanie

In 1995 Eileen  and Gabe, along with Joe Derrane and Felix Dolan,
performed at the White House to celebrate the historic Good  Friday
Accord. In the audience were Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, Gerry
Adams and Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume.

In  1999 he began to tour with Irish music legends The Chieftains and
added guitar piano and voice to their live performances  in Spain,
France, Norway, Denmark, Italy, UK and many tours of the USA. He has
performed five times at New York's Carnegie  Hall.

To celebrate the new Millenium he boarded a  ship in Terra del
Fuego, Argentina, that would take an intrepid group of explorers to
Antartica. Inside a Volcano  called Deception Island on New Years Eve
he shared the ship's stage with Art Garfunkel, Dan Akroyd, Diana Krall,
Natalie  McMaster, and The Chieftains as they became the House band for
New Year's revelries. In the audience was  F.W. DeClerk, Robert
Kennedy Jr. and a thousand of America's top CEO's.

Now Gabriel is busy performing nationwide as well as producing, engineering and mastering cds at his studio in Hawthorne NJ

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