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"And I never will play the wild rover no more"
With the Clancy Brothers and Robbie O' Connell with Joanie Madden

There once was a trio called Jigsaw
Joanie Madden, GabrielDonohue and Eileen Ivers

With Matt Molloy of the Chieftains at Nanny O'Briens in DC after Kennedy Center DC

Gabriel Donohue plays a Collings H2DA steel string and Prudencio Saez nylon string guitars in the studio and Takamine Guitars live.
Joe Foley  Bouzouki, made in Dublin.
Gibson A mandolin made in 1920. 
Custom Telecaster by Phil Keller of Alto Music
Cirrus fretless Bass 5 string
Leo 5 string banjo
Slingerland tenor banjo
Bodhran made by Charlie Byrne, Tipperary

Studio Info


Gabriel Donohue uses Demeter tube preamps, Neumann U87 AKG 414 akg 451 Gefell um70 MIcrotech Mics. Mark of the Unicorn DP5.11, Ilio ivory piano, Waves, Antares, Bias,Steinberg software. Mackie 8 bus mixer, Tascam Dat and cdr burner. Mackintosh apple g5 dual processor.

CME uf 8 controller. Hafler poweramp  Event precision 8 monitors.  Multiple hard drives for easy backup.



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